Exam and Assessment Results

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Exam and Assessment Results

The information on the pages below is produced by Gov.uk for every school and Academy across the country. The information is based upon the age expected attainment levels for any pupil ie. in mainstream schools as well as special schools.

As you will see from the data it does not reflect the progress and achievement that pupils in special schools make. Each one of our academies has a bespoke assessment system that allows for us to plan carefully for individual pupils next steps, targeting their specific needs in order to develop true potential. more detail can be found on the individual academy websites.

Link to pages for each academy (there are two for New Park as they officially close as a maintained school and re-open as an academy)

The Sovereign Trust will be a centre of excellence for learning and development for pupils, parents and staff

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The Sovereign Trust

The Sovereign Trust is a charitable
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Working together to increase the opportunities we offer to our pupils and staff; and able to extend our SEND expertise to other schools and academies through professional training and support.

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We are a family of schools that places children at the core of all we do.

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