Our Approach

The Sovereign Trust

Our Approach

By promoting the highest standards of teaching and learning, and working closely with families we place the child at the centre of everything we do.

The idea of creating a multi Academy Trust of several Schools with SEND expertise grew out of a firm belief that working collaboratively and supporting each other is the way to achieve successful outcomes for our children. It means that we can share skills, experience and expertise. We can extend our social networks for our children and families and we can pool resources to provide a greater range of opportunities.

Everyone involved in The Sovereign Trust, whichever academy they are based at, and whatever role they play, share the vision, values and aims of the Trust:

The Sovereign Trust will be a centre of excellence for learning and development for pupils, parents and staff.

The Sovereign Trust:

  • Ensure future viability of the Trust
  • Provide opportunities for innovative developments in financial and non-financial areas through synergies and savings across the Trust
  • Support each pupil to flourish through a challenging, wider curriculum and by promoting achievement for all and an enjoyment in learning for life
  • Offer all pupils access to innovative SEND education in the highest quality environments together with wider Trust collaboration and expertise

The Sovereign Trust MAT is a family of schools who believe that by learning and growing together we can:

Enable all pupils to achieve and develop to their highest potential through inspirational teaching.

Create an environment that nurtures, encourages exploration, celebrates creativity and forges a love of learning.

Support both pupils and families alike in creating the ethos that our family of schools shares.

Encourage strong and passionate leadership which is central in helping every pupil to flourish.

Provide a fully inclusive environment to ensure differing needs, cultures and abilities are respected and valued.

Remain vigilant in how we treat each other, ensuring the respect of each other and of the views of others.

Include fun and enjoyment in our curriculum which we believe supports a positive learning environment.

The provision of the highest quality teaching is of paramount importance. Pupils need to experience a wide range of motivating and challenging, well-pitched learning opportunities. Teacher expertise will identify barriers to learning and plan ways to overcome these. There is a belief that all pupils can succeed whatever their individual circumstances.

We will provide an environment in which everyone is encouraged and supported to develop leadership and management competencies. This will enable The Sovereign Trust to maximise the talent within the trust and plan for succession. We will review the progress made by the Trust against the organisation’s overall investment. We will challenge any under-performance.

The Trust is committed to the development of education practice by maximising collaboration across all academies within the trust. We will use wider partnerships, such as parents, multi-disciplinary teams, community links and businesses to enhance provision. The Trust will pursue of opportunities for income generation.

The Sovereign Trust values each child, family and member of staff equally and does not discriminate against anyone.

We will invest in our staff to provide them with the necessary training and support in order that the aims of the Trust can be met. We embrace and celebrate continuous learning and create a culture where all learning is valued. All staff are given the opportunity to make the most of their potential through fair and open access to training. We are committed to the most efficient and effective use of resources to support training needs.

At The Sovereign Trust we constantly strive for improvement in our practices so that we can provide the best opportunities for our children, families and staff.

Our Value Statements

The Trust and schools all share the same values:

  • Inclusiona voice for everyone and everyone is heard
  • Focuschildren & young people at the core of all we do
  • Collaborationtogether we are stronger
  • Qualityexcellence through innovation, creativity & continuous improvement
  • Integritytransparency & fairness in all we do

The Sovereign Trust ensure future viability of the Trust

The Sovereign Trust

Mission Statement 1

The Sovereign Trust

We are three exceptional academies meeting the educational and development needs of some very special Children and Young people with a range of learning difficulties including those who may have autism and physical or sensory needs.

Our Aim

Working together to increase the opportunities we offer to our pupils and staff; and able to extend our SEND expertise to other schools and academies through professional training and support.

Family of Schools

We are a family of schools that places children at the core of all we do.

Manor Academy

New Park Academy

Pictor Academy