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Our team approach, led by our Board of Directors, combines the best educational and therapeutic practices together with a strong belief in involving families in supporting their children to develop independence, confidence and love of learning.

There is currently 1 vacancy at The Sovereign Trust

TLR 2 Teacher (SEN), phase leader for KS /Behaviour Support – Keep scrolling down for full details

Our Education Principles

Although the curriculum and teaching styles vary to meet the individual needs of each learner, all of The Sovereign Trust schools follow the same guiding principles:

  • Our curriculum is designed to ensure a breadth and balance of learning takes place
  • All staff have high expectations of pupils’ abilities
  • Our parents & carers are integral partners in education
  • All pupils require a personalised education plan
  • Lesson plans are developed to suit pupils’ learning ability, their age, and the session’s content
  • Teaching styles vary to meet pupils’ preferred way of learning (incl. play, structured sessions, practical tasks)
  • Therapy programmes are integrated into our classrooms
  • Careful monitoring of achievement encourages pupils to achieve their personal best

Job Vacancies - TLR 2 Teacher (SEN), phase leader for KS /Behaviour Support starting Sept 2019

Responsible to:The Head of School, Leadership Team and the Sovereign Trust Board of Directors

Responsible for:KS 2 and Behaviour support

Salary:TLR 2 plus 2 SEN points

Contract: 1x Permanent full time

The Sovereign Trust’s Board of Directors wish to appoint an experienced and enthusiastic teacher to join our Leadership team at Pictor Academy, an outstanding primary special school to work with pupils who have special educational needs aged 2 – 11 years.

We are looking for someone who:

• Shares our commitment to the education of pupils with special educational needs

• Will have high expectations for our pupils

• Will have an enthusiasm for teaching and learning

• Can communicate effectively with both children and adults

• Has excellent classroom skills and experience of teaching pupils with special needs, Autism and/or learning difficulties

• Has experience of a leadership role and shows ability to lead and support a team of staff

• Can support and develop the Phase leader role for behavior support and training for the whole school

These posts are suitable for teachers at the beginning of their career including NQT/RQTs.

For further details and an application pack please contact Hilary Kirkham on the email address above or call in to collect a pack from the school reception.

Application forms returnable to the Head of School Jacqueline Wheble, Head of Pictor Academy by Friday 3rd June 2019 12pm. Application forms can be sent by post or by email

Shortlisting will take place on Wednesday 5th June 2019.
Interviews will take place on Friday 14th June 2019

Pictor Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all its pupils.

Behaviour Support and KS2 Phase Leader

Job title:The Head of School, Leadership Team and the Sovereign Trust Board of Directors

Whole school area of accountability:Teaching and learning responsibility for  KS2 Phase Leadership with responsibility for Whole School Behaviour Support

Grade:Standard national scale in line with the current School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document plus the appropriate TLR2 payment

School:Pictor Academy

Responsible to:The headteacher, members of senior leadership team (SLT) and the Board of Trustees

Supervisory responsibility:KS2 staff  and Whole school Behaviour support

Main purpose of the job:

With the Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team, Phase leaders are accountable and responsible for provision and outcomes of their defined phase of education within the school.  They will provide professional leadership and management for their designated phase and be accountable for high quality learning, efficient and effective use of resources and improved standards of teaching and achievement for all pupils.

• Take specific responsibility and accountability for the day to day management and organisation of your TLR responsibility area

• Be an excellent classroom practioner

• Have an impact on educational progress beyond your assigned pupils

• Line manage and appraise identified staff

• Assist in the smooth running of the school at all times, including being responsible with the other TLR holders for the school in the absence of the headteacher, deputy and assistant headteachers

Duties and responsibilities

In addition carrying out the duties of a class teacher as outlined in the current School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, the post holder receives a TLR2 for KS2 Phase Leader and Behaviour Support.

Leadership and management

• Support and implement the vision and ethos of the school

Contribute to, implement and evaluate the success of School Development Plan

Ensure that the work of the team/whole school (as relevant) is inclusive and issues are addressed in curriculum and/or pastoral management

• Ensure policies are translated into practice by the team and that you bring to the attention of SLT any which may need revisions or amendments

• Together with SLT, lead on the school self evaluation process for your TLR area including lesson observations, monitoring of school standards and bringing about improvement

• As appropriate contribute to the writing of self-evaluation and policy documents

• Manage effectively the transition of pupils to and from your phase and within it

• Promote cross curricular approaches to teaching and learning

• Be a proactive and effective member of the senior leadership team

• Be an effective role model for your team in terms of teaching, behaviour and classroom management

Teaching and learning

• Lead a core subject/phase/school priority : KS2 Phase leader and Behaviour Support
• Have overall responsibility and accountability for your TLR area ensuring curriculum continuity, consistency, balance, and progression (as appropriate)
• Lead regular meetings relevant to your TLR area with appropriate colleagues

• To develop strategic plans for the phase which identify clear targets, timetables and success criteria in the context of the School Development plan

• To lead and manage identified projects which support all staff in raising standards through innovative approaches to teaching and learning

• To monitor progress against identified targets

• Liaise with staff regarding day to day issues

• To develop and maintain common team timetables where necessary; to facilitate common activities with regard to other phases within school

• To promote effective teamwork within and beyond the allocated phase and with the multi-disciplinary team

• Ensure effective channels of communication are maintained within the phase, with staff in other phases and the Senior Leadership Team

• To support parents and Trustees regarding the phase of education

• To manage the transition processes when pupils move within school or move to other educational establishments

• Disseminate examples of effective planning practice within the allocated phase

• Ensure that teachers are aware of the needs of inclusion of all pupils and groups, and make provision for this in their planning

• Ensure that feedback from lesson observation, work scrutiny and analysis of assessment data is appropriately reflected in teachers’ planning

• Ensure teachers are clear about the teaching of objectives in lessons, understand the sequence of teaching and learning in the allocated phase, and communicate this to pupils where appropriate

• Observe colleagues teaching and provide evaluative feedback on the effectiveness of their teaching strategies to bring about further improvement

• Identify and promote innovative and effective teaching strategies in the allocated phase, to meet the needs of all pupils

Monitoring and assessment

• Together with the senior leadership team (SLT) of the school, contribute to, monitor and review the impact of teaching and pupil progress through the analysis of data, ensuring the use of information for planning and target setting

• Monitor standards including recorded work as relevant to your TLR area across the school including reviewing the processes, recording and systems for improvement in your phase area – behaviour support

Manage resources

• Be responsible for the organisation, planning and evaluation of the school themes/topics as relevant to your TLR area of responsibility

• Manage, monitor and accurately account for any budget for your area

• Evaluate, organise and monitor the use of resources

Staff development

• Act as a reviewer with the arrangements for the appraisal of all identified staff

• Take a lead role in identifying group and/or individual training needs and provide support for colleagues within your area of responsibility promoting a whole school approach

• Act as a role model, mentor or consultant to colleagues as appropriate and encourage collaboration, co-operation and teamwork

• Ensure your keep up to date with current developments in your TLR area and disseminate information as appropriate

Line Management

• Act as a line manager for staff, primarily within your phase (but whole school as required), managing staff concerns and issues in the first instance. Reporting progress at SLT meetings and if necessary escalating to Deputy Headteacher (then Headteacher) in the event that the strategies and support you have employed have not affected the desired change.


• Assist in the smooth running of the school at all times, including being responsible with the other TLR holders for the school in the absence of the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.


This job description is not your contract of employment, or any part of it. It has been prepared only for the purpose of school organisation and may change either as your contract changes or as the organisation of the school is changed. Nothing will be changed without consultation. This document must not be altered once it has been signed but will be reviewed annually.


Person Specification Phase Leader – TLR 2 – Behaviour support/ KS 2 phase leader

Experience or expertise in special educational needs/complex needs/Autism/ challenging behaviour
Key AF: Application Form; I: Interview

Full details in downloadable file




How tested


How tested


Qualified teacher status at degree level


Higher degree
Postgraduate SEN courses


Professional development

Experience or expertise in SEN

Evidence of sustained participation in INSET, especially in SEN programmes and behaviour support

Team Teach trained or similar approach or willingness to train

Trained in Moving and Handling or willingness to train

Safeguarding training


Participation in work with other schools/agencies

Evidence of INSET in curriculum or aspect leadership

Experience of leading inset for others




Successful and sustained teaching experience across relevant Key Stages

Experience of successful teaching of pupils with a wide range of SEN

Able to manage pupil behaviour effectively.

AF & I

Evidence of curriculum leadership and development appropriate to the key responsibilities

Experience of a wider range of schools and other educational establishments

Evidence of innovative or creative approaches for pupils SEND

AF & I


Experience of managing and/or coordinating a classroom staff team

Experience of managing teaching resources, including providing an appropriately stimulating classroom

Experience of managing resources for a curriculum or aspect area


AF & I

Knowledge and Understanding

National Framework

Awareness of the Education Acts and the SEND policies/ practice

Awareness of the processes involved with Ofsted

Understanding of the current Appraisal requirements

Understanding of role of teacher in safeguarding procedures/ practices.

AF & I

Recent experience of an Ofsted inspection and follow–up

Able to contribute to school development planning

Experience of supporting staff with appraisal process


AF & I

Teaching and Learning

Practical understanding or effective teaching and evaluation strategies for pupils with SEND

Understanding /experience of pupils with a wide range of SEN, physical and behavioural difficulties

Knowledge and understanding of the relevant curriculum requirements

Understanding of actions to be taken to promote racial harmony and prepare pupils to live in a culturally diverse society

Understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

AF & I

Experience of monitoring and evaluating teaching and/or area of responsibility.

Successful and wide range of SEN approaches e.g. TEACCH; PECs


AF & I



Awareness of the characteristics of an effective special school

Awareness of the strategies to raise pupil achievement

Understanding of target setting

AF & I

Involvement in school improvement.

AF & I

Curriculum and Assessment

Experience of adapting the Curriculum to meet the needs of pupils with a range of SEND relevant to the age range of the school including assessment recording and reporting

AF & I

Experience of planning a curriculum area relevant to the needs of pupils at Pictor

AF & I


Understanding of the role parents in raising standards

The ability to liaise closely with parents

AF & I

Experience of working directly with parents to raise standards

Experience of supporting and offering advice to families about supporting their child’s behaviour at home.

AF & I


Leadership and Management

Able to lead a team and manage a class effectively

Able to motivate pupils and staff, setting high standards and provide a focus for improvement

Able to lead curriculum area and area or responsibility.

Able to lead team of staff and experience of supporting staff to develop skills

AF & I

Experience of being part of a leadership team and contributing towards school improvement.


AF & I


Able to establish and develop good relationships with all involved in the school

Able to work effectively as a team member.


Experience of resolving conflicts within teams and building strong partnerships.

Interpersonal and communication skills

Ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally. Competent in the use of ICT
Flexible and approachable
Resilient under pressure
Able to deal sensitively with people and resolve conflicts
Positive and energetic approach to work

AF & I

Ability to use ICT to support SEND pupils to progress.

Educational Philosophy

A commitment to raising achievement

A determination to progress school improvement and a desire to fulfil each child’s potential


An understanding of the way schools can promote values and a moral code.

Vision of how challenging behaviour can be supported and improved in a whole school SEND setting.


Staff development

A commitment to the development of self and all staff


Involvement in establishing a staff development programme, particularly in the area of SEND and/or behaviour support.

AF & I

Equal Opportunities

Awareness of and commitment to the requirements of the Single Equalities Act

Commitment to Community Cohesion and British Values.

AF & I

Experience of implementing strategies to ensure inclusion, community cohesion, access to the community.


Person Specification

Job Description

We will provide an environment in which everyone is encouraged and supported to develop leadership and management competencies. This will enable The Sovereign Trust to maximise the talent within the trust and plan for succession. We will review the progress made by the Trust against the organisation’s overall investment. We will challenge any under-performance.

The Sovereign Trust


The Sovereign Trust

The Sovereign Trust is a charitable
company limited by guarantee.
Registered in England No. 09666511.
Registered Office: Pictor Academy Grove Lane, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 6PH.

Our Aim

Working together to increase the opportunities we offer to our pupils and staff; and able to extend our SEND expertise to other schools and academies through professional training and support.

Family of Schools

We are a family of schools that places children at the core of all we do.

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